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20 December 2019

Foundations will become more expensive for houses built on liquefaction-prone soil across New Zealand, not just in Canterbury.

17 December 2019

National want to repeal and replace the much-maligned Resource Management Act (RMA) if elected next year, the party's planning spokeswoman Judith Collins has announced.

16 December 2019

The value of building consents in New Plymouth reached $253.8 million in the year to September, according to the latest figures from Statistics New Zealand.

16 December 2019

It's useless, damaged, and dangerous, but the fight is on to save this heritage-listed chimney in a Wellington backyard.

12 December 2019

Bank of New Zealand is to have a new earthquake-resilient and "green" 12-storey building as headquarters for its 1500 hundred staff in Wellington.

11 December 2019

Houses built by EIT Hawke's Bay Trades Training students could be used for emergency housing in what is looming as the hardest part of the year to find accommodation.

11 December 2019

"Phil Twyford's plan to allow the government to forcibly take private land for development instead of changing our urban planning rules for all New Zealanders will undermine property rights", according to ACT Leader David Seymour.

11 December 2019

Wellington City Council is struggling to meet statutory timeframe requirements for building consents amidst a staff shortage and increasing construction projects.

9 December 2019

A man who narrowly avoided the CTV building collapse in the 2011 earthquake says a new case of poor seismic design shows building consent failings.

9 December 2019

Two spectators to a secondary school athletics event were seriously injured when a two-tonne metal structure was picked up by a wind gust, thrown over a fence, and landed on them.


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