About the Training Academy

The Training Academy is the Institute's strategic commitment to its educational and training platform.

Established in 2007, the Academy has evolved to provide the formal, vocational and practical skills required to gain and maintain Building Surveyor status.

Through its core knowledge, advanced training and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) based courses the Training Academy's goal is to provide qualifications support and professional skills maintenance throughout ones working life.

The Training Academy's investment into the sector and support for the career development of those directly involved in Building Surveying and their employers (the majority being Building Control Authorities) sets it apart from commercial operations, whose goals are purely economic.

The Institute's goal is to improve the competency of all building professionals in New Zealand and to support future generations entering the sector.

Advantages of working with the Training Academy

The Training Academy provides relevant, up-to-date quality training and events for building control staff, the building industry, and anyone who is interested in building compliance and quality building outcomes.

  • Offering both face to face and online zoom learning options, saving travel, accommodation and meal costs, and reducing time away from the office. 
  • A guaranteed personal, interactive and valuable training experience supported by high quality training support materials delivered to a generally no more than 20 participants per public course.
  • Passionate and qualified trainers, course writers, and support staff are fundamental to our training experience of top quality core knowledge and CPD education.
  • As the industry's peak body and also a charitable organisation we reinvest in the sector for the good of building outcomes and the community.
  • We support those who support us and offer discounted course rates to our members.
  • Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme allows for the ongoing acquisition of knowledge, skills, and training aimed at improving and enhancing existing professional practice, and developing the personal qualities required in professional life.
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