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29 October 2019

A teenager - possibly an apprentice - is believed to have accidentally left unattended the blowtorch that sparked the devastating SkyCity fire, bringing central Auckland to a standstill.

29 October 2019

New Zealand should adopt Queensland-style building insurance to address problems in the house building market, says a consumer advocate.

29 October 2019

A Canterbury mother-of-two who opted to live in a house bus to make ends meet has appealed to the Government to introduce "common sense" legislation for tiny home owners.

29 October 2019

The failure of two eco-friendly building companies, now in liquidation owing nearly $1 million, is due to others failing to pay, the owner claims.

25 October 2019

As the sun rose over the SkyCity Convention Centre fire for the third time, day two of the recovery phase began.

23 October 2019

OPINION:There's a regular flow of stories in the media about construction issues. The engineering profession takes public safety and its reputation seriously, so these stories concern us.

22 October 2019

The government is increasing the number of places available in two secondary school initiatives that encourage school leavers to work in trades.

21 October 2019

An Auckland man responsible for illegal earthworks which removed 18m of a public footpath and concreted over a stormwater culvert has had a massive fine reduced on appeal.

21 October 2019

Denying apartment owners a consent to find out what was wrong with their new building was wrong of Napier City Council, a report has found.

21 October 2019

A Kāpiti Coast builder says flat-pack homes have become a bigger focus than expected for his business as demand for Bunnings' prefabricated homes increases.


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