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27 August 2019

National wants to reduce red tape if elected in 2020 by scrapping 100 regulations it considers "way over the top", in its first six months.

19 August 2019

The country's large building contractors oppose builders on commercial building sites being regulated under a new proposal in the overhaul of the Building Act.

15 August 2019

Councils will be required to protect New Zealand's best food-growing soils under new Government policy.

14 August 2019

NZ Steel has told MPs it may be forced to close with the loss of thousands of jobs if changes aren't made to the Climate Change Response Bill which is being considered by Parliament.

12 August 2019

A house which was at the centre of a lawsuit over an agent's omission that it had major weathertightness issues should not be labelled a leaky home, its owner says.

12 August 2019

Tauranga City Council has now received the employment investigation report by Graeme Colgan about the role of staff in the failure of the Bella Vista subdivision, however it won't be publicly released.

12 August 2019

The proposed demolition of one of Auckland's earliest and grandest homes is proof the council has failed to preserve heritage, say protection groups.

12 August 2019

A Caversham man says his house is falling apart because of what he views as a failure by the Dunedin City Council to take decisive action after his neighbour's illegal excavation undermined the foundation of his family home.

9 August 2019

Property investors are upset at what they say is a potentially dangerous aspect of the new Healthy Homes standards.

9 August 2019

Construction of a new $500 million town centre is about to start on the outskirts of Queenstown.


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