Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures

As the peak body for Building Surveyors in New Zealand, the Institute advocates its members provide exemplary and professional services to their customers.

The Institute has a process for addressing issues in relation to service provision and actions of its membership.

Concerns must be in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand.

The Chief Executive will determine whether the information provided can be immediately addressed or required to go through a formal complaints process.  In the case of a formal complaint process, further information may be sought prior to the complaint being sent to the accredited building surveyor for their written response.

The combined information from both parties is tabled at the next scheduled meeting of the Institute's Board, who will investigate the complaint directly or by delegation with a view to identify breaches of the Institute's code of ethics and conduct by the member concerned.

The subsequent results of the investigation are tabled at the following Board Meeting, with recommendations and responses decided upon prior to communication to the relevant parties.  

The Board has discretion to expel a member of the Institute for a good and sufficient reason.

Should a complaint already reside within a legal jurisdiction, the Institute will not investigate until such time a judicial decision has been reached.

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