National promises to repeal and replace RMA

National want to repeal and replace the much-maligned Resource Management Act (RMA) if elected next year, the party's planning spokeswoman Judith Collins has announced.

Collins said the party would repeal the RMA, New Zealand's main planning law, and replace it with transitional legislation while it worked out a longer-term "developer-friendly" solution that provided predictable outcomes.

This could include splitting the act into two different parts: one dealing with building planning and another with the environment, something the Government is also considering as part of its review.

This is not the first time the RMA has been up for discussion and virtually every part of the political spectrum agrees something needs to be done to speed up consenting.

National campaigned in 2008 on reforming the RMA, with Nick Smith saying at the time "New Zealand will not achieve the ambitious goals John Key has for our country if we do not have the courage to reform the Resource Management Act."

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