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7 October 2019

A tiny house in Motueka has become the centre of a big row between its owner and the local council.

7 October 2019

The technical director of an Australasian sustainable business organisation said the changing climate would influence how homes were built in future.

7 October 2019

It is the issue that will have to surface eventually. Why are people saying both slab and ring foundations were systematically under-scoped following the earthquakes?

4 October 2019

KiwiBuild will create affordable housing for some people in Queenstown, but they need to be cheaper if they are to be within the reach of many workers in the resort, the mayor says.

4 October 2019

Greater Wellington Regional Council has voted to act on climate change-driven coastal erosion in Kapiti's Queen Elizabeth Park through the establishment of a 40-metre erosion buffer zone along the park's southern coast.

3 October 2019

Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) will continue its complaints process against engineer Alan Reay over his alleged part in the CTV building debacle.

2 October 2019

A Christchurch property developer spent about $30,000 on consent fees to replace a dilapidated villa with units, only for a council panel to reject his plans.

1 October 2019

The Government is attempting to reset the construction industry's troublesome 'lowest-price model'.

30 September 2019

The relationship between the Council and the local plumbing industry was celebrated at the 2019 Waikato Master Plumbers Awards last week.

25 September 2019

If New Zealand's construction industry is to thrive, the bottom line is that clients, particularly government ones, are going to have to pay more for buildings.


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