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23 July 2019

Three years after nearly losing its accreditation to issue building consents, the Queenstown Lakes District Council's building consents team's performance has improved out of sight, its manager says.

22 July 2019

Modern homes have a much shorter lifespan than many of their owners appreciate, construction law expert Tanya Wood says.

22 July 2019

Tasman district residents are being urged to stay calm if they receive a letter indicating their property may be at risk from sea level rise and storm tides.

19 July 2019

Building inspectors say the deteriorating veranda on the Hallenstein's Building in Whanganui's central city is "unsightly" but it has no imminent structural issues.

17 July 2019

The public consultation on earth building standards listed below has now started

16 July 2019

A derelict house on a hill that has shifted a metre off its foundations has a view of Hamilton city that can't be bought.

16 July 2019

National MP Judith Collins' concerns about aspects of the KiwiBuild programme are being considered as part of an annual audit of the Housing Ministry.

15 July 2019

Master Plumbers welcomes the Government's proposed 'Clean Car Discount' to make electric, hybrid and fuel efficient vehicles more affordable for New Zealanders.

15 July 2019

The government is set to change the system for managing earthquake-prone buildings (EPBs) , in an effort to balance the impact on provincial and small towns.

15 July 2019

A proposal to lobby government to cap how much councils can pay in defective building cases has gained support of councils across New Zealand.


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