Options for a Career in Building Surveying

Building Control Surveyors

(Also known as Building Control Officials, Building Inspectors or Building Consent Officers).

  1. Building Control Surveyors are the guardians of New Zealand's building stock, advising and interpreting the laws and standards that control the construction of buildings. Their key responsibility is to ensure building laws and regulations are adhered to. Building Control Surveyors contribute to the safety and amenity of the Built environment by managing the building quality. 
  2. Through the Institute's Accredited Building Surveyor programme, they also provide advice to clients intending to purchase a property.


  1. Building Control Surveyors are in high demand. 
  2. New Zealand has unique building challenges and there are many opportunities throughout New Zealand and overseas. 
  3. Local Councils, Private Firms, Government Departments, Health Authorities and Fire Services all employ Building Control Surveyors.
  4. Starting salaries are attractive and competitive often paying well above the norm for other professions.


The Institute and Otago Polytechnic have partnered academically to provide courses and assessment for the National Diploma in Building Control Surveying. Most individuals seeking employment and a qualification within Building Control Surveying achieve this through a job application within a Building Control Authority (BCA). 

Student Membership

We offer Student Memberships for those that are enrolled in a tertiary course of full-time study approved by the Board and associated within the Building Industry.


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