Professional Membership

Belonging to a Professional Association is a significant step towards developing your career pathway. Becoming a member of BOINZ signals your commitment to the building control profession. 

An important benefit of belonging to the Institute is our ability to ensure you are kept up to date about the latest industry developments, and that you are aware of issues affecting your sector. Being an active participant within your environment is the key to ensuring you are working to the best of your knowledge within your industry.

A Professional Membership also gives you the opportunity to meet, connect and exchange ideas with other members and industry experts. Connections you make through your membership with the Institute will most likely last your whole career path.

Belonging to a Professional Association not only benefits you - it benefits your sector. Accreditation programmes, Continuous Professional Development and the ability to keep your skills current maintains and grows the reputation of your industry.

Being recognised as a reputable practitioner in a respected profession will ensure high standards of practice are maintained, ultimately ensuring the professionalisation of your sector.  

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