Accredited Building Surveyors Programme

The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) is the peak body representing all of these 3 interlinked building surveying disciplines. It is the only New Zealand based organisation capable of providing the necessary representative, tertiary and internationally linked training support to underpin such a comprehensive educational programme.

Building Surveyors generally work in 3 specific areas:

  • Local councils as Building Control Officers
  • Privately for specialised building investigations such as Building Code Compliance
  • Property inspections

The ABS Programme provides assurance that the accredited individual has the knowledge, ethics and experience that set them apart within the building survey sector.

The individual will carry an accreditation identity card to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standard of work and a dedication to professional performance and improvement that will lift the profile and image of their profession.

The ABS Programme is leading to growing consumer confidence and awareness in relation to the quality of residential property inspections undertaken by a Building Surveyor Accredited with BOINZ.

Whether a home buyer, seller, real estate agent, broker or anyone connected to the sector, the public recognises the value of working with an Accredited Building Surveyor when obtaining a residential property report.

What is Accreditation?

The Accreditation Programme is managed by the National Accreditation Division part of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand.  It is formal industry recognition of the education, standard of competence and professionalism reached by its members in undertaking property inspections.  Once the individual has undertaken and successfully completed the Accredited Building Surveyors Training Programme they will have undergone a stringent assessment process in order to successfully obtain Accreditation as set out in the Programme.

Accreditation Levels

Members may be accredited at:

  • Level 1 – Accreditation to carry out Residential Property Inspections in accordance with NZS 4306 Residential Property Inspections
    *For an applicant to be accredited to Level 1 the applicant must  have successfully completed the ABS Level 1 Training to NZS 4306 Residential Property Inspection and/ or any other training that may be required by BOINZ.
  • Level 2 – Accreditation to carry out specialist reports as listed in NZS 4306, forensic weathertightness reports, or other specialist reports as determined by the ABS Panel
    * For an applicant to be accredited to Level 2 is the applicant must have Evidence of additional specialist training as approved by the Accreditation panel to enable the surveyor to carry out specialist reports.
  • Level 3 – Accreditation to carry out building surveying work for any building type.
    * For an applicant to be accredited to Level 3 the applicant must have a Diploma in Building Surveying or equivalent qualification.


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