Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become accredited?

By adopting the Accredited Building Surveyor pathway you are telling the public you are an accredited professional who will stand above those who have not had their qualifications, skills and processes peer reviewed by the Institute's industry experts. By successfully going through this process and committing to regular peer review you are demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement and knowledge of your profession.

Becoming an Accredited Building Surveyor shows you are dedicated to your sector, are a highly skilled practitioner, and are committed to quality standards and professionalism.

Undergoing this process shows the New Zealand public you have a consistent and accountable approach through aligning yourself to the NZ Standard requirements and ensuring an ethical understanding of consumer expectations.

How long does the accreditation process take?

Once your application has been accepted, you have successfully completed the course and all required supporting documentation has been received, you will be required to have a minimum of 2 inspection reports peer reviewed for your accreditation to be successfully completed. Additional inspection reports may be requested.

Do I need to be a member of BOINZ?

You will become an Accredited Member of the Institute after you have successfully completed the course and provided all the required documentation.

Can I use the BOINZ logo?

The Institute's Accredited Building Surveyor logo and membership class may only be used on personal business cards. It may not be used under any circumstances for the promotion of any company or other commercial operation, either in print, electronic or other media (such as quotes, invoices, contracts, vehicle advertising, etc.). The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand, name or logo, may not be used under any circumstances. Accredited Members may sign their reports as an Accredited Member indicating their Accreditation level and use the post nominal AMBOINZ.

Who is on the assessment panel?

We contract experienced peer review consultants from the industry who combine with BOINZ management to advise and recommend on all applications received.

Why do I need a police report?

To prove you have a good reputation and are of good character.

I am finding it hard to get insurance, where shall I go?

It is difficult for individuals and businesses in areas of higher risk to achieve insurance support. Insurers need to be satisfied risk is mitigated and being accredited is one of the ways of establishing skills and proficiency.

BOINZ does not actively research the insurance field or support any particular supplier; however we have noted some of our accredited building surveyors have indicated they have used various suppliers, and by contacting our office we may be able to advise current suppliers.

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