Why Use An Accredited Building Surveyor

A property investment is likely to be the largest single investment made by individuals, couples or organisations.

Like most material items, buildings require maintenance and up keep to ensure they are habitable and safe for occupation.

When purchasing a building, it is important that one undertakes appropriate due diligence ensuring appropriate investment is outlaid in relation to the quality of the building. Therefore it is useful to identify issues of both major and minor concerns ensuring awareness in regard to maintenance and defect requirements.

New Zealand has a long history of dubious building practices. Many individuals express expertise in regards to building knowledge, however it is only a building surveyor who has the qualifications and skill sets required to understand the wide range of building code requirements relevant to a particular building.  

Accredited Building Surveyors have undertaken a commitment to appropriate qualifications, skill and knowledge. They are dedicated to quality building surveying practices, ensuring consumers are provided the best quality of service and an understanding of the issues presented in relation to the building concerned.

An Accredited Building Surveyor is assessed through training, assessment and peer review, prior to accreditation and is required to undertake continual professional development courses to maintain their annual accreditation.

The Accredited Building Surveyor Programme benefits not only the potential building purchaser, but provides confidence to the real estate, insurance and banking sectors in relation to the status of a building.

Please click here for a list of current Accredited Building Surveyors.

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