FAQs for Home Buyers & Sellers

What is an Accredited Surveyor?

  • A building inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of a property. Where there is reasonable access, as determined by the standards, the Surveyor will inspect visually all areas that are accessible.
  • The purpose of the inspection is to identify those areas which may require future or urgent maintenance, or which may require further investigation. 
  • A thorough and systematic inspection by a properly qualified and trained Surveyor should provide as many facts as possible about the current condition of the property, which is then detailed in an easy to understand report. 
  • It is important to realise a building Surveyor can only report about what can be seen. A good inspection by a well trained inspector should pick up evident clues that can identify significant defects as well as deferred maintenance and gradual deterioration.
  • The inspection and report reflect the condition of the property on the day of the inspection. 

What is the procedure if I have an issue?

  • The Institute has a process for addressing issues in relation to service provision by accredited building surveyors. 
  • Concerns must be in writing and addressed to the Chief Executive of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand.
  • The Chief Executive will determine whether the information provided can be immediately addressed or be required to go through a formal process.
  • In the case of a formal process, further information may be sought prior to the information being sent to the accredited building surveyor for their written response. 
  • The Board has discretion to expel a member of the Institute for a good and sufficient reason. 
  • Should a complaint already reside within a legal jurisdiction, the Institute will not investigate until such time a judicial decision has been reached. 

Can we get any money back from BOINZ or the Property Inspector we used if we are not happy with the outcome?

  • The Institute operates an Accreditation programme. If you have an issue with a surveying outcome, the relationship is with the surveyor, not the Institute.
  • You are entitled however to raise any concerns to member's activity with the Institute. 


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