Annual Events

Conference and SBCO Forum

Our Annual Conference & Expo and our Senior Building Control Officers' (SBCO) Forum are our two key events of the year that offer members a unique training experience.

Technical Programmes for each of these events are developed by our technical committee, who commit their time to researching and sourcing issues of prevalence and interest to members. Issues for discussion are based around key topics including:

  • Industry and Legislative Updates
  • Technical Updates & Workshops
  • Compliance Issues
  • Building Performance & Health
  • Environment & Energy Efficiencies
  • Our Future & Career Pathways
  • State of Industries
  • Alternative Building Structures
  • Residential Building Technology & Innovation
  • Product Developments & Technology
  • Information Technology in Construction
  • Legal Issues

Reputable and knowledgeable keynote speakers are sourced to ensure presentations of quality and technical importance and relevance are achieved.

The Conference Expo gives members an opportunity to connect with exhibiting companies and develop an inherent understanding of technical requirements of our industry's leading suppliers. 

Attending our annual events is an effective way to ensure you and your team is kept up to date with the latest industry developments and ensures you are an active and engaging player within the building control industry.

Click here for more information on our Annual Conference and Expo.

Click here for more information on our Senior Building Control Officers' Forum.

Branch Meetings

The Institute's 9 Branches hold regular meetings throughout the year. Branch Meetings offer members a valuable opportunity to connect with other Building Control professionals within their region and discuss matters that are directly affecting their region.

Most meetings will include guest presentations, with the objective being to bring up-to-date and relevant information in a format that encourages discussion and interaction.

Many branches also organise regular off-site visits that involve hands on learning opportunities.

Click here for more information on the Institute's Branch Meetings.

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