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Entry Level Fire Documents - Online Zoom

11 April 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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This course provides participants with the information to understand and be able to explain fire safety requirements for houses, control of fire and smoke spread, access for fire fighters, warning systems, fire separations and means of escape.  The day includes working through a case study.

Modules Cover:

  • C/AS1 – Acceptable Solution
    Detached dwellings and household units such as: stand-alone houses, low-rise multi-unit dwellings where each household unit has its own escape route that is independent of all other household units such as:
* Attached townhouses. Stacked household units where there is no more than one household unit above another with each household unit having a single storey and an escape height less than 4.0 m.
* Detached dwellings where fewer than six people (not including members of the residing family) pay for accommodation such as: boarding houses, homestays, bed and breakfasts.
* Outbuildings
  • F7/AS1 – Warning Systems
  • NZS 4514 – Interconnected Smoke Alarms for Houses
  • Building Act/Regulations/Code
  • FENZ recommendation and best practice
  • Residential Tenancies Act/Regulations 

This course can be used to demonstrate competency in Regulation 10(3)(c), 10(3)(d)(i) and 10(3)(d)(ii).

This course is part of the Entry to BCA training programme. Its ideal for those with existing Regulation 18 Qualifications.

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