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Entry Level - H1 Energy Efficiency - Online

10 March 2023
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Chris Wood


This entry level course will provide an understanding of the mechanics of heat transfer and how to provide insulation of various types to ensure a building provides a safe and warm environment that is energy efficient and meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC). It includes the amendments bought in by MBIE in November 2021.

The course outlines and explains the various means available to establish compliance with NZBC clause H1. It will also provide the information necessary for the efficient use of energy for heating and the efficient storage of hot water and the efficient use of energy for artificial lighting and meet compliance through the use of the Acceptable Solution.

A participant will be able to apply this knowledge in assessing designs for compliance and also be able to ensure that the energy efficient design is faithfully implemented on site to ensure compliance of the completed construction.


  • Building Controls and Energy Efficiency
  • How Insulation Works
  • Passive Design
  • Verifying the R-value of building components
  • The Schedule Method
  • The Calculation Method
  • BPI for Housing and ALF
  • Modelling Methods
  • Hot Water
  • Lighting

This course is part of the Entry to BCA training programme. Its ideal for those with existing Regulation 18 Qualifications.

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