Building Performance

Emergency Response Update: Flood remediation guidance & the New Zealand Claims Resolution Service

As communities begin to think about remediation efforts, MBIE has published on it's Building Performance website four new pieces of information to help support council staff, homeowners, and building practitioners (including engineers):

Additional information is available on MBIE's Building Performance website: North Island severe weather events 2023.

The New Zealand Claims Resolution Service

The Government announced the launch of the New Zealand Claims Resolution Service (NZCRS) on Sunday 19 February 2023. 

NZCRS is a free service providing residential homeowners with advice, case management support where appropriate, and access to legal, technical and wellbeing services to help them achieve timely, fair, and enduring resolution of their residential insurance claims resulting from natural disasters.  

More information on the NZCRS is available here on MBIE's Building Performance website or here on the New Zealand Claims Resolution website.

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