BOINZ Board Elections - Call for Nominations

The Call for Nominations to the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand's Board is an important step in ensuring member interests are represented in the leadership and development of the building surveying sector in New Zealand. 


We are seeking nominees who have relevant governance and/or leadership experience, skills, networks and strategic thinking to move building surveying as a sector forward and achieve BOINZ's vision.


With the passing of the new Constitution at the Special General Meeting on Friday, 16 February 2024, the Board elections, which are to be held this year, will be the last under the current format.


This year the elections, as with recent Board election process, will involve all 6 positions being vacant and eligible for election.


Following the 2024 election result, the Board will then undertake a draw as prescribed under Rule 29 (Transitional Provision) of our new Constitution to assign 3-year Board terms as follows:

  • Two Elected Board members will be assigned a term of one (1) year
  • Two Elected Board members will be assigned a term of two (2) years
  • Two Elected Board members will be assigned a term of three (3) years

Nominations will open for the 2024 Board Election via a Call for Nomination Notice released prior to 11 March 2024, for eligible financial voting category members (as per Rule 28.5 of the new Constitution). 


As with previous Board elections, there is a timeline for the required sequence of events leading to the election result and this is detailed below:


2024 Board Elections Timeline

Call for Nomination
70 days prior to AGM

11 March 2024

Board Nominations Close
50 days prior to AGM

31 March 2024

Ballot Papers Sent to Members
28 days prior to AGM

22 April 2024

Voting Closes
Not less than 14 days prior to AGM

6 May 2024

BOINZ Annual General Meeting (AGM)         

20 May 2024


If any member requires further information, please contact Vivian at


This is an important process for the Institute and is your opportunity to advance candidates you believe will add value and direction to the Institute.


Nominees and Nominators must be financial members of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand.


Nominations are to be addressed to the Executive Assistant and received by 4pm 31st March 2024 at the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (National Office)

• Level 12 84 Boulcott Street, Wellington, 6140 or

• PO Box 11424 Manners Street Wellington, 6142 or


Nicholas (Nick) Hill

Chief Executive


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