Port Waikato home owners want answers as erosion claims their land

As erosion threatens seaside houses of Sunset Beach, Port Waikato, home owners are growing increasingly frustrated at what they say are a lack of answers.

When red tape cordoned off the beachfront property of Ocean View Road owners Wayne, 61, and Robyn Green, 51, say they felt left in the dark.

After a early September storm stripped away chucks of land from the rapidly eroding coast, Waikato District Council staff planted a "DO NOT ENTER" sign at the front of their property.

Their neighbour's home at number 7 had similar treatment. But with little communication from the WDC the homeowners say they were left with more questions than answers.

But while they were left heartbroken and scratching their heads, things moved quickly around them.

The community hall was condemned and then demolished later that month and a community meeting was held on October 5.

Council representatives and costal scientists explained that very little could be done to stop the encroaching sea, and that WDC were planning a "managed retreat" away from the shore line.

The Green's say that while this news was hard to swallow, the information they received next, threatened to wash away any hope of keeping their home.

On September 30 a change was made to the Draft Waikato District Plan.

Under the natural hazards and climate change section of the plan, the dwellings at 9 and 7 Ocean View Road were now part of a "high-risk coastal erosion" area.

So while the Greens had planned to moved their beachfront property away from the shoreline, in the hopes of keeping their seaside home a decade or two longer, the changes meant no new building or "intensification of existing development" could be done on their land.

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