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ONL025 Ethics Essentials - HCC Inhouse -Group 1- Sold out

23 June 2022
8:30 am - 12:00 pm
HCC- Inhouse
Delivery Method
Annette Ryan

Ethics, ethical dilemmas, and ethical ability are the foundations of this course. Having the knowledge and framework to traverse the minefield of regulatory, statutory, and ethical challenges is essential.

Key content:

  • Understanding what ethics means in the role of the BCO
  • Understanding and identifying ethical dilemmas in the day to day performance of the role
  • Awareness of the ethical lenses that help us perceive the issues
  • Tools to explore ethical ability – deciding what is right and find the courage to deliver on it.

NCAS: These courses can be used to provide evidence of compliance with Regulation 10(3)(e)

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