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Entry Level - Accreditation - Online

14 February 2024
8:30 am - 12:30 pm
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Chris Wood

This half day webinar provides participants with a thorough understanding of the key players, their roles and responsibilities and the process involved in Accreditation. On completion all participants will have a good understanding of the importance of Accreditation and the part they play within their Council.

Key Content

  1. What is Accreditation and why it's important?
  2. Key Players - The roles and responsibilities of MBIE, IANZ and the BCAS
  • The Accreditation Process - who this affects and why is it important you understand this - The 6 step process
  • Registration requirements
  • Continuing, routine and ongoing assessment
  • Routine audits
  • Special assessment
  • Revocation of accreditation, appeals and complaints procedures.
  1. Real life example - Putting learnings into practice - Review of a Council Audit

    This course can be used to demonstrate competency in Regulation 10(3)(c) and 10(3)(f).

This course is part of the Entry to BCA training programme. Its ideal for those with existing Regulation 18 Qualifications.

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