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ADV005 Difficult to Consent - Nelson

24 February 2021
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Delivery Method
In Class
Target Audience
Building Surveyors/Designers/IQP
Bruce Klein

ADV005: Difficult to Consent


The Difficult to Consent course is a structured workshop session aimed to challenge one's own interpretations of regulatory requirements, and encourage open discussion but under rigid course programme for the day. It provides an understanding of the 'Regulatory Triangle' and the interrelationship between Building Act, Building Code, 'must accept' (read 'acceptable') and alternative solutions, and MBIE guidance and determinations. What is deemed a building in the first instance will guide further discussion on New Zealand's regulatory system and how to apply it beyond the normal bounds of typical residential, commercial, and industrial construction. Consideration of boats, vehicles, yurts, and shipping containers, as well as off-site and off-shore prefabrication, modular construction, and transportable buildings construction methodology that challenges our traditionally accepted compliance pathway, all form part of this challenging one day course.

Modules Cover:

  • Overview of the Building Regulatory System
  • The NZ Building Act and Building Code
  • Understanding of what is or is not a building and/or building work
  • How to use 'must accept' and alternative solutions within the Building Regulatory Framework
  • Case Studies including vehicles, boats, marquees, yurts, off-site and off-shore construction, and transportable buildings

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