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TA022 BWoF and Specified Systems - Queenstown

21 October 2019 - 23 October 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Delivery Method
In Class
Target Audience
Building Surveyors/Designers/IQP
Chris Randell

TA022 BWoF and Specified Systems


This course provides an introduction to the compliance schedule regime, the preparation of compliance schedules and warrants of fitness, an explanation of each specified system, and the inspection and maintenance regimes which ensure the safe operation of these systems.


  • The Compliance Schedule Regime
  • SS 1 Automatic Systems for Fire Suppression
  • SS 2 Automatic or manual emergency warning systems
  • SS 3 Electromagnetic or automatic doors or windows
  • SS 4 Emergency lighting systems
  • SS 5 Escape route pressurization systems
  • SS 6 Riser mains
  • SS 7 Automatic back-flow preventers
  • SS 8 Lifts, escalators and travelators
  • SS 9 Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems
  • SS 10 Building maintenance units
  • SS 11 Laboratory fume cupboards
  • SS 12 Audio loops
  • SS 13 Smoke control systems
  • SS 14 Emergency power systems for, or signs relating to, a specified system in any specified systems SS 1-13
  • SS 15 Other fire safety systems or features
  • SS 16 Cable cars


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