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BRANZ Junctions

13 February 2019 - 29 March 2019
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Various locations around the country.
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In Class
Greg Burn and Des Molloy

BRANZ Junctions Seminar

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E2/AS1 provides a limited number of junction details based on junctions between a single material such as weatherboard (internal and external corners) and elements such as aluminium windows and doors.

The aim of this seminar is to cover the key influences on junction details such as:

  • Building Code clauses B2 and E2 - minimum B2 requirements, what E2/AS1 covers
  • Application of the 4Ds to junctions - cavity, cladding flashings
  • Impact of location - sheltered/exposed, internal corner, external corner, above/below
  • Risks - weathertightness, durability, trapped moisture, getting it wrong, drainage/drying, corrosion, wind, complexity/buildability, compatibility
  • Dealing with movement - thermal, moisture, building settlement, seismic
  • Protection to junctions - flashings (shapes, back upstand/cover, laps), cover boards, sealant
  • Dealing with different thicknesses/profiles - thin versus thick or vice versa, flat versus corrugate
  • Maintenance issues, future access
  • Fixing locations
  • Aesthetic - the transition needs to look good
  • Pressure moderation across junctions.

The seminar will then take the attendee through a wide range of actual junction details backed by 3D drawings of those details such as:

  • Vertical wall cladding material junctions within the wall area and at corners such as profiled metal/weatherboard, weatherboard/brick veneer
  • Horizontal wall cladding material junctions such as weatherboard over brick veneer
  • Wall cladding over roofs (horizontal/raked aprons)
  • Wall cladding below roof (flush eaves, wide eaves)
  • Parapets, valleys, ridges, gables and hips
  • Rainwater heads and internal gutters.

Course Details:

Duration: 3 Hours

Locations: This seminar will be held in 21 locations around the country.

Dates: 13 February - 29 March 2019

Cost: $99.00 + GST


Greg Burn - NZCD (Arch), Dip Bus (Marketing) - Structure Ltd

Greg has worked in a number of roles within the building industry for more than 30 year, and for the last 14 years he has managed his own consulting business, which sees him involved with many aspects of the industry, ranging from residential design to technical consulting and industry education. His extensive knowledge and experience in the processes of building design and construction coupled with his understanding of building technology and New Zealand standards for residential construction and Building Code compliance has seen him involved in the presentation of a number of national seminars for BRANZ, including several in conjunction with the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment and Standards New Zealand. He has also run industry-based training courses and written a number of technical articles and books on a range of industry topics.

Des Molloy - Building Consultant

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