Breakfast with BOINZ

BOINZ are excited to introduce BOINZ TV and our new dedicated industry TV show Breakfast with BOINZ.

Breakfast with BOINZ is a new fortnightly virtual 30minute TV show providing a unique communication channel across the Building Industry providing current and relevant information direct to our members.

With an 8:30am start time, you can settle in with a hot cuppa or smoothie and enjoy news and interviews from across the industry.

Upcoming Episodes:

Thursday 1st July 2021 - 8:30am

Thursday 15th July 2021 - 8:30am

Thursday 29th July 2021 - 8:30am

How to watch Breakfast with BOINZ - LIVE!

Members will enjoy watching each live streamed episode for free.

Click here to access BOINZ TV livestream page

Previous Episodes

We have previous episodes of Breakfast with BOINZ available exclusively to our members.

We want your suggestions for content

Our members are pivotal to the success of this new endeavour and we want your input.

If you have content suggestions, please email

Be a part of Breakfast with BOINZ as an Advertiser

Breakfast with BOINZ (BWB) is a live, internet-streaming TV show providing a fortnightly, fast-paced 30-minutes as a unique communications channel for the Building Industry and a direct conduit to our members and wider industry stakeholders.

Tell your story

If you are linked to the Building sector, Breakfast with BOINZ is your go-to channel to engage, inform and connect your messaging and ideas to your target market.

Whether you are a legislator, designer, builder, manufacturer, importer or involved with compliance, Breakfast with BOINZ is the fastest way to market.

It's all about your story…and story sells. Telling your story of your brand /product immediately sets you apart from the competition. If you are promoting new legislation, design or new innovation

BWB gets you to the market more quickly than any other channel - and it doesn't stop there.

Showcase your product

Trade shows are a great way to show case your product, however in today's pandemic crisis is it the most reliable way to market your product?

Digital events are rarely impacted by physical limitations such as postponements or cancellations - and best of all, your content can be re-purposed across multiple marketing channels for maximum impact.

Building Officials are often asked to comment on products & services and ensuring their correct use. Breakfast with BOINZ is a timely method of educating the gatekeepers of the built environment around your products & services and correct implementation.

Building Officials are often asked to comment on products and can have difficulty approving the use of products if they are not familiar with them, particularly where information is challenging to locate. Breakfast with BOINZ creates the perfect opportunity to extensively showcase your product - and what's more, each episode becomes accessible as a living resource, linkable, searchable and able to continue to spread your message long after the episode has aired.

Brand stand out

We want to interview you! We want your breaking news, hot topics, new innovations and ideas. Opportunities exist for pre-recorded and live interviews. Expand and inform the viewers knowledge, while at the same time presenting your brand front and centre. It's time to stand out.

  • Connect to a National and Global audience - gaining world-wide recognition

  • Creat new and exciting marketing

  • Position your company as a leader

  • Ensure continued exposure on social media channels

  • Visibility is your superpower - stand apart from your competitors

Your host and team

Greg Ward is the main host of Breakfast with BOINZ. As an event, TV and stage professional, Greg's 25+ years of experience means he knows how to get the best from his guests. Greg's approach is all about you. Got a story to tell? Greg will facilitate your presentation. Unsure of the medium? Greg's support will give you the confidence to hit the mark. Need some advice around content creation? Greg and his team from The Professional MC Company have years of experience in knowing the right words, at the right time to create maximum impact - live!

How you can get involved

We have a range of packages available from Naming rights, Breaking News and Building Official of the Month or you can simply book your advertisement for our commercial breaks

If you have content suggestions or would like to be sent a BWB Prospectus, please email

BWB gets you to the market more quickly than any other channel - and it doesn't stop there.

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