Craft Homes Talk About Building Above Code Minimums

Tuesday 28 July 2020, 6:49PM

Many new houses are constructed to just meet the minimum requirements of the NZ Building Code, but as Craft Homes say, better performing houses may cost more to build but are ultimately much more comfortable to live in, and have reduced running costs to offset the up-front cost. New Zealand's houses will need to perform considerably better to help meet long-term national net-zero carbon targets.

Houses built or renovated with a 'Code-plus', or 'exceeding the minimum' approach give better performance. In addition to exceeding the minimums in the Building Code and standards, this approach includes consideration of aspects not addressed in the Code, such as passive solar design and environmental performance.

In other cases, while going beyond Code may have a higher upfront cost, lower running costs can recoup the initial cost within a reasonable timeframe. BRANZ has made calculations to determine what options produce the strongest economic case. (See, for example, Study Report SR346 The value of sustainability - costs and benefits of sustainability and resilience features in new houses.)

BRANZ explain that financial assistance is available from government and local authorities and banks for installing better insulation and more energy-efficient heating or for renewable energy systems. This is often for retrofits rather than new builds, so the decision to construct a home to a better standard than Building Code minimums needs to be made with the client early in the design process.

Sustainable homes are no longer just the domain of 'greenies', and Craft Homes' family-run business specialises in architecturally-designed new build homes and renovations with sustainability in mind. Craft Homes believe in the importance of better quality, more energy efficient homes and use New Zealand's current building code as a minimum standard, and their sustainably-built homes are crafted using the highest quality workmanship.

Through Craft Homes' affiliation with The New Zealand Green Building Council and the HomestarĀ® rating system, they are proud to offer their clients the opportunity to enjoy a more sustainable home and contribute to New Zealand's sustainable building movement, so for more information on sustainable home renovation, eco homes NZ and passive houses NZ please go to .

Article By Beckie Wright

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