Code Talk Quiz Answers

Issue 71 / October 13

  1. How many countries, other than New Zealand, does Code Talk reach?
  • 3  (Issue 45) 
  1. When did Te Papa in Wellington open, and how much did it cost to build?
    • 1998, $300million   (Issue 47) 
    1. From which building in Dubai can you catch two sunsets in one day?
      • Burj Khalifa (Issue 52) 
    1. What is the maximum life span of thatch roofing?
      • 50 years (Issue 55)
      •    Who is the new Manager of Membership, Engagement &  Communications at BOINZ National Office?
      • Dana Mackay (Not in Code Talk but October Monthly Update)

        Please welcome Dana to the team and give her a call with any membership question you may have. 

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