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2 October 2019

A Christchurch property developer spent about $30,000 on consent fees to replace a dilapidated villa with units, only for a council panel to reject his plans.

1 October 2019

The Government is attempting to reset the construction industry's troublesome 'lowest-price model'.

30 September 2019

The relationship between the Council and the local plumbing industry was celebrated at the 2019 Waikato Master Plumbers Awards last week.

25 September 2019

If New Zealand's construction industry is to thrive, the bottom line is that clients, particularly government ones, are going to have to pay more for buildings.

24 September 2019

Construction work in New Zealand is still at record levels despite a fall in the number of cranes standing tall on the skyline.

20 September 2019

The Government is taking action to ensure that the construction industry is ready and able to deliver greater quantities of warm, dry, affordable homes says Housing Minister Megan Woods.

20 September 2019

Invercargill City Council chief executive Clare Hadley says staff poaching throughout the country is rife as the city struggles to meet building consent demands.

20 September 2019

Her house reduced to little more than a storage shed, Cushla McCarthy is living New Zealand's flood-prone future.

20 September 2019

Kelvin Wilson built his own house at the weekends, over 10 months, but it had taken him nine months to get the consent in the first place.

17 September 2019

Directors of the failed Stanley Group of construction companies told the liquidator they now believe they under-priced a flagship Housing New Zealand (HNZ) project by as much as $2 million.


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