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We are proudly committed to providing Building Surveyors and their employers with the skills sets and knowledge that challenge building practices for the good of the New Zealand public.

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Training Academy  

These courses are designed to complete technical knowledge gaps or to further support the learning's of the Future Skills "Diploma of Building Surveyors"

TA001 Communication (1/2 Day)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

This course is designed to give participants the knowledge, understanding and skills required to:

  • Communicate effectively in their day-to-day work with sound listening and interpretive skills
  • Communicate to customers outcomes associated with the Building Act, Building Code and Building Consent Authority (BCA) requirements
  • Understand and be able to communicate how these documents and their relationships are reflected in the forms, processes and requirements within the BCA

TA002 Building Controls (3 Days)

This course will give participants the ability to navigate the legislation applicable to building compliance; Including the Building Act, NZ Building Code, Acceptable Solutions and Verification Methods, standards, and other documentation required to carry out the building control function. It will also provide an understanding of the BCA processes for enforcement and the forms prescribed by the Building Act.
The course will also assist you in meeting the learning requirements of the New Zealand Certificate in Building Regulatory Environment (Lvl 4).

TA003 Ethics (1/2 Day)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

This course provides the theoretical basis of ethical behaviour and personal responsibility that underpins the Building surveyor's treatment of the public in their role as building Control Officer.

TA005 Plan Processing I (2 Days)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

Plan Processing is a significant component of the BCA function to ensure prospective buildings will be Code compliant when occupied. This course provides a foundation of knowledge and overview of the practices required to ensure the delivery of a compliant design for the end user.

TA006 Site Inspection (2 Days)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

Site inspection is an essential function of the Building Surveyor to ensure buildings are constructed to comply with the consented drawings and specification and will be compliant when completed. This course provides participants, knowledge and understanding of good practice in site inspections with practical exercises, simulation and case studies and the undertaking of a real inspection.

TA007 Plan Processing II (Using the Simple House Acceptable Solution) (2 Days)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

Advanced Plan Processing covers each of the clauses of the NZBC that are applicable to a stand-alone house and applies these to check real plans for compliance. The Simple House Acceptable Solution (SHAS) allows assessment in a manageable and easily understood format that will introduce students to the application of the NZBZ, AS and VMs and assess for Alternative Solutions when assessing compliance

TA008 NZS3604 Timber Framed Buildings (4 Days)

The Acceptable Solution for timber framed houses provides the backbone of the majority of construction in New Zealand. A thorough understanding of the provisions and application of this document to compliant timber design and construction is essential to the Building Surveyor in carrying out their functions.

TA009 NZS4229 Concrete Masonry Buildings Not Requiring Specific Engineering Design (2 Days)

A thorough understanding of the provisions of the Acceptable Solution for masonry buildings and their application is essential to the Building Surveyor in carrying out their functions to ensure compliant masonry design and construction.

TA010 Light Steel Framing (1 Day)

The NASH Standard - Residential and Low-rise Steel Framing Part 1: Design Criteria which provides an Acceptable Solution for steel-framed housing which has a growing percentage of the market.

A thorough understanding of the provisions and application of this document to compliant steel-framed design and construction is essential to the Building Surveyor in carrying out their functions.

TA012 H1 Energy Efficiency (2 Days)

This course will provide an understanding of the mechanics of heat transfer and how to provide insulation of various types to ensure a building provides a safe and warm environment that is energy efficient and meets the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

TA013 E2 Weathertightness (2 Days)

This course will provide an understanding of the; Acceptable Solution, the mechanics of water and the application of these principles to ensure compliance with E2, External Moisture and make buildings weathertight.

TA014 B2 Durability (2 Days)

The Building Code stipulates requirements around the durability of various building components, ensuring the continued safety and health of building users. The course explains these requirements and how various building materials can be protected to meet the performance requirements of B2. Materials include, timber, concrete, steel connections, steel structures, claddings, membranes, sealants and tanking.

TA015 Safety of Users (1/2 Day)

This course is about ensuring safety and protection of people those involved in the construction industry and those using buildings. The course covers; Clause F1 - Hazardous agents on site, F2 - Hazardous building materials, F3 Hazardous substances and processes and, F4 Safety from falling.

TA016 Access routes (1/2 Day)

Clause D1 Access Routes applies to all buildings to ensure the safe evacuation in the event of an emergency. The Building Surveyor to ensure compliance and user safety must have a thorough understanding of these provisions and be able to apply these in plan processing, site inspection and continuing compliance.

TA 017 Services and Facilities (2 Days)

This course covers services and facilities as specified in Clauses G1 to G9 and E3 of the NZBC. It covers the Acceptable Solutions and verification Methods for compliance with the NZBC for such things as Personal hygiene, Laundering, Food preparation facilities, Ventilation, the Interior environment, Airborne and impact sound, Natural light, Artificial light, Electricity and Internal Moisture.

TA018 Piped Services and Waste (1 Day)

This course covers the supply of energy as described in NZBC G10 and G11, particularly as this supply impacts on buildings, and the storage and disposal of liquid and solid waste as described in G14 and G15. The safe delivery of energy in the form of gas and the safe disposal of industrial and solid waste is essential for the safe use of our buildings.

TA019 Plumbing and Drainage Compliance (3 + 2 Days)

The adequate supply of potable water and the safe disposal of foul water are essential for the continual wellbeing and health of individuals and the community. A Building Surveyor must have a thorough understanding of the mechanics and methods of; cold water supply, safe water heating, hot and cold water distribution, disposal of surface water, and the safe collection and disposal of waste water and sewerage to an approved outfall or onsite treatment.

TA020 Fire Documents (2 Days)

This comprehensive 2 day course begins with online learnings and pre-course knowledge assessment. This is followed by a face to face 2 day workshop that provides participants with a thorough understanding of Fire Documents C/AS1 & C/AS2.

INT020 Intermediate Fire - NEW COURSE OFFERING

This one-day face to face course provides BCOs with a sound understanding of the FEB process and how Councils can play a more effective role.

TA022 BWoF and Specified Systems (3 Days)

This course covers in detail the Compliance Schedule regime and goes on to explain each of the Specified System, including the use of Compliance Schedule Statements. The Inspection and Maintenance requirements of each system is explained along with the qualifications required by IQPs inspecting these systems

TA023 Building Materials and Construction

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

This course provides an introduction to the different materials commonly used in NZ construction, and the general construction principles across residential, commercial, and industrial structures. An overview is given of the characteristics and general behaviour of the different material groups, as well as discussing the differences between products within each material group. This information is then related to general site construction principles employed in NZ.

Advanced Courses

ADV005 Difficult to Consent (1 Day)

The Difficult to Consent course provides guidance on New Zealand's regulatory system and how to apply it beyond the normal bounds of typical residential, commercial, and industrial construction. This includes Building Control consideration of Regulatory requirements for boats, vehicles, yurts, and shipping containers, as well as off-site and off-shore prefabrication, modular construction, and transportable buildings construction methodology that challenges our traditionally accepted compliance pathway.

ADV020 Advanced Fire Course (1 Day)

This one-day course is targeted at an advanced level. It is suitable for anyone dealing with designs beyond Acceptable Solutions or alterations to existing buildings, who needs to understand the Building Code for Protection from Fire NZBC C1-C6 to help with assessing C/VM2 designs or alternative solution decisions.

ADV025 Earthquake Engineering (1 Day)

This course is only available as in-house or cluster group training. Please contact training@boinz.org.nz for more information.

The Earthquake Engineering course sets out to provide an understanding of earthquakes and their impact on structural design. The course covers principles of building design that resist lateral and cyclical loads on built structures, different material behaviours under earthquake loads, and design and construction aspects relevant to different materials. It conveys technical engineering knowledge in an easy to understand manner, and with building compliance in mind.

ADV027 As Near As Reasonably Practicable (1 Day)

The purpose of this workshop is to provide the setting where people can bring and contribute their knowledge to collectively broaden the understanding of the upgrading existing buildings and apply "as near as is reasonably practicable".

BOINZ Certificate in Leadership (2 Days)

The Leadership skills training is delivered over four comprehensive workshop sessions and at both an emerging or advanced level. Workshops can be attended as individual training sessions, or at a reduced cost as the complete suite of workshops. Completion of all four workshops will also see the BOINZ Certificate in Leadership being awarded to participants. The two-level programmes (emerging or advanced) are design to develop and enhance leadership skills, particularly in areas of influence within organisations and with stakeholders to lift confidence, effectiveness, and productivity.

Accredited Building Surveyors Programme

ABS 1 Accredited Building Surveyors Course Level 1 (3 Days)

This is an essential course as a pre-requisite to becoming an Accredited Building Surveyor at level one in order to carry out Residential Property Inspections to NZS 4306 Residential Property Inspections. It covers; Ethics, The Standard, Site observation and Report Writing, and all aspects of residential inspection including the history of materials, services, weathertight issues and what is to be reported on and how to describe significant defects, particular attributes, gradual deterioration and significant maintenance required.

Online Training Academy

online (self-paced) learning


BOINZ has developed NZ's most comprehensive and integrated training course for Councils, pool owners, inspectors, designers and pool builders. This has been driven by the revocation of the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 (FOSPA), the corresponding amendment to the Building Act, the introduction of independently qualified pool inspectors and introduction of new Building Code clause F9.

Part 1 - Restricting Access to Residential Pools (1- 2 hOURS SELF PACED LEARNING)

Part one of the BOINZ online pools offering covers the legislative requirements about restricting access to pools, why the legislation was introduced, and the roles and responsibilities of being an Independent Qualified Pool Inspector.

Part 2 - Residential Pools – Acceptable Solutions F9/AS1 and F9/AS2  (1-2 hours of self paced learning)

Part two of the BOINZ online pools courses has a specific focus on Acceptable Solutions F9/AS1 and F9/AS2 and is recommended for those who have previously completed the BOINZ online Restricted Access to Residential Pools course or those who would like to have an in-depth knowledge of the technical detail.


Complying with the Building Code (2-3 HOURS OF SELF PACED LEARNING)

Complying with the Building Code is a BOINZ Online Training Academy course designed as an introduction to the Building Code System, or as a refresher, for people currently working in the Building Industry.

COMING IN JANUARY 2022 - Writing Skills for Building Control Officers (1- 2 HOURS OF SELF PACED LEARNING)

Writing Skills for Building Control Officers is designed to improve the Writing Skills of Building Control Officers for application in their daily activities of consenting, inspecting and decision making. It contains specific skills for BCOs to clearly and accurately write what they intended.

COMING EARLY FEBRUARY 2022 - Introduction to Building Warrants of Fitness & Specified Systems (1-2 HOURS OF SELF PACED LEARNING)

This live interactive webinar will provide an understanding of the system that leads building owners issuing the annual building warrant of fitness (BWoF) to the territorial authority (TA), which is set out in sections 100 to 110 of the Building Act 2004. The webinar provides clear guidance around specified systems, compliance schedules and BWoFs, and the roles and inter-relationships of BCAs, TAs, building owners and IQPs.

Live Interactive Webinars

WEB03 Accreditation (Half Day Interactive Webinar)

Accreditation is the process used by the Government to ensure the performance of BCAs. This half day webinar explains the process and Quality Management tools employed by BCAs to meet the required performance and how the Building Surveyor may contribute to and work within this process. It is a must do for those new to the industry. 

WEB020 Refresher Fire - NEW COURSE OFFERING (Half Day Interactive Webinar)

This half day webinar is designed for those who have completed TA020 Fire Documents within the last 3 years. It commences with a pre-course knowledge check of the Acceptable Solutions and the NZ Building Code. This is followed by a 4 hour webinar session which includes a review of the knowledge check, and updates of any building code issues or NZ standards. This is followed by typical worked scenarios using ANARP and Acceptable Solutions.

Training Academy - Approved CPD courses

NZHHA Solid Fuel Heating Installation Compliance Requirements

This course will ensure attendees are aware of the latest product and technical developments, the all-important installation requirements and common areas of installation non-compliance.

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