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We can then work with you to find and apply for building surveying roles in New Zealand. We actively recruit on behalf of building surveying employers and can keep you updated on available jobs and assist you with the full process.

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BEAL CodeMark product certification body accreditation suspended

As of 12 September 2018, BEAL Certification Service Limited's (BEAL) accreditation as a CodeMark product certification body under the Building Act 2004 has been suspended by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

The suspension is due to BEAL not meeting CodeMark scheme accreditation requirements. The suspension may be lifted by JAS-ANZ if BEAL resolves the issues that led to its suspension - BEAL has been given until 3 October 2018 to resolve the issues.

While suspended BEAL cannot evaluate and certify any new building products. All current CodeMark product certificates issued by BEAL remain valid and can be relied on by building consent authorities.

JAS-ANZ is appointed by MBIE and is responsible for the accreditation and ongoing monitoring of product certification bodies for the CodeMark product certification scheme.

To see a list of current accredited certification bodies visit Applying for CodeMark.

To confirm the status of a product certificate please check MBIE's Product certificate register.

Any questions regarding the suspension of BEAL can be sent to

UPDATE: November 2018 BEAL CodeMark product certification body accreditation suspended

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